Dac burn in

Hey Everyone, I have been owning my stellar gain cell Dac for about 21/2 years, I have only used it as my preamp for my M 700ā€™s . I switched my Altair streamer to go into my Dac on the preamp. Since this is the first time I use this Dac will it need some burn in time? Thanks

Hi @milesperhour
You have a lovely setup. Congrats!
Given the DAC circuit and the Sabre chip were not processing anything, I would say they have not had a run in yet. Also, the sound of your digital cable will get better within a fortnight or so :+1:t2:

Thanks for the reply, up to tonight I was using the Dac inside the Altair, but I wanted to try out my ps audio Dac, Iā€™m going to use it for a while to see which one I prefer. Thanks

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