Burn Time for Audioquest ThunderBird eARC 48Gbps 8K-10K HDMI Cable

I’m simultaneously burning in my new AirLens and an AQ ThunderBird HDMI cable:
Roon Nucleus to AL via USB, then AL to MK2 DAC via the new AQ Thunderbird HDMI cable (I2S).
I’ve heard that AQ cables often require a long burn in period. Any suggestions as to how long it’ll take to get the Thunderbird HDMI to settle down? Thanks!

With my AQ Firebird48 and Dragon48, the first 72 hours will get 90% of their peak performance. The rest 10% will take another week. These are from memory bank of three years ago.

Their power cords are the ones that need 500 hours, if not more.

Oh, that’s really helpful. Thanks a lot!