Cable Between P5 & Powerbase


I am looking to upgrade the Powerbase stock cord. I currently have that stock cord between the P5 and the PB. I have an AC-12 from the PB to the wall.

Looking to buy a .5M. Is anyone using a .5M to connect a P5 and a PB? The stock cable is tight and with the added rigidity I am concerned a .5M won’t work. I am considering a AC-3 but not sure it I will gain much over the stock cord.

What cables are people having success with both from a performance and a conectability standpoint?

Thanks in advance


I’m using a .5 meter AC-12 between the PowerBase and a few components. Doesn’t always work but has worked in more cases than not. I don’t have a P5 so can’t say. The sound I can say however is excellent. I tried an AC-10 and a Decware power cord; the AC-12 was superior.