Help with PowerBase configuration

Newbie here with my first PowerBase, looking for some input on working one into my setup. I will be using this PowerBase underneath my DirectStream Dac since it is really the heart of my setup. I have 2 available power cords, an AC-12 and an AC-3. My power source is a PP-3. Does it make sense to run the AC-12 from the PP-3 to the PowerBase and then the AC-3 from the PowerBase to the DS? Or vice versa?

Try it both ways! That seems a simple enough A/B.

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Welcome TubeLover!

I have a lot of PowerBases. When I first started using them I plugged a component into them and then the PowerBase into the power regenerator or wall. Paul was doing it, a lot of us were.

And then one day I noticed Paul was saying “sometimes there’s too much of a good thing” and he was using his PowerBases for isolation purposes only, and not plugging components into them, saying that sounded better. I tried that out multiple ways: all analog plugged into them, digital components not plugged into them, vice versa, and I came to the conclusion that everything sounded. better if not plugged into the PowerBases and they were just serving isolation duties (which they do fantastically in my opinion). So my advice: as Jeff says, try them both ways, and then try the DSD NOT plugged into the PowerBase.


Like @Lonson, I found it worked best as an isolation base only.
But from your description, I think the best use of your one AC-12 is from the wall to the PP-3.


Thanks guys. Will definitely try cables in all configurations. Was worried about “wasting” the AC-12 by using it in the wrong configuration, but my ears will tell me what is right.

I’ve been back and forth and then back again in regards to using the PB filter or just as an isolation base. Using the filters now but I have no doubt I will flip again at some point :woozy_face:

I use a PB beneath my Power Plant for isolation but don’t use the filter. Since it is feeding the Power Bases which are using the filters it seems like overkill.