Can binaural recordings create a decent soundstage with headphones?

I have never enjoyed headphones as much as speakers, but I do enjoy them for casual listening. I just can’t “believe” the soundstage without a center image out in front. Anyway, I was intrigued by the claims made by some regarding well done binaural recordings. I acquired some tracks by Chesky & others & yes there is a sense of the space of the venue, but it seems that most of the recordings were made with the primary instruments either far left or right not in front where I expect them to be. Even on one of the demo tracks by Dr. Chesky, he demonstrated the process with speech at different distances from the microphones, but again he was to the right or left only. No effort was made to demonstrate what binaural recording can do to reproduce a realistic live performance with musicians in front. Does anyone have experience with binaural recordings, or recommend some recordings that recreate a decent soundstage with headphones?

Check out the research at Princeton University ! Search “3D3A Lab” !

Thanks for the info. I have been listening to the Lenny White, Explorations in Space & Time. I have been concentrating on getting Lenny”s drum kit to be front & center & it’s been fun. The exercise is made a bit easier because I have sat about 5’ from Lenny while he played on stage. I have the mental image of him to go with the sound of his kit. As I said; it’s been fun reliving that experience & it helps my brain to create the proper soundstage. Now if I could hear Stanley Clarke, Al DiMeola & Chick Corea along with Lenny White, the illusion would be complete.

Update: I think I am learning a bit about the reality of these binaural recordings & what I was expecting. I was hoping that the recordings would replicate how far in front of the mics the artists were. Giving the sense of some separation from the listener & the band. Instead, most recording that I have listened to, Perfume Genius being the latest, the soundstage does wrap around & there is a center image, but it’s still in my head mostly. Is there any hope that this recording technique will ever be used to create an experience of a third row center seat with the musicians out in front. I feel like i’m sitting on the floor in the middle of the band! Interesting, but not a convincing soundstage.

Just thinking: I notice, when watching a video recording, if the person speaking moves away from the microphone, the audio level drops more than I would expect it to if I were listening live. What’s that about? Are microphones not able to act like our ears when the distance from the source increases? Could this be the reason that binaural recordings sound like I am listening to a band that is in my face? If the microphones are at 3rd row center would I not be able to hear the band? Hmmmmmmm.

Have you or anyone else experienced Out of Your Head software from Darin Fong Audio?