Can the P20 eliminate the potential for ground loop low level AC hum?

I am considering a P20 for its potential obvious benefits of clean power that is completely isolated from the power grid here in my home.

I have been fighting a low level, but still audible and infuriating, AC hum in my system. Is it wrong of me to think that the P20 will be able to mitigate or even eliminate the potential for ground loops or is this simply my rat’s nest of interconnected source components, power amplifiers and display devices in my system?

Thanks for your thoughts!

In my experience with the P10, it won’t help. I had to go to balanced cables and install an isolation transformer (line level input and balanced output) between my AV receiver and pre-amp.

While the P20 is exactly what every system benefits from greatly, it is unlikely it will solve ground loops or small hum problems unless they are caused by DC on the line.

We can certainly help you lower the noise if you have time to call us at 800-PSAUDIO on Monday.

A good distinction to draw. We often forget DC (0 Hz) is different from ground loop hum (50 Hz or 60 Hz depending where you live).

I’m in the UK and run a combined hi fi and home cinema system.
When I first connected it all up got a very loud hum.
I do use balanced cables.

Most home cinema equipment only uses live and neutral and most stereo equipment use live, neutral and earth connections.
This, I think, caused my hum.

Solved it by connecting an earth wire to a screw on my P10 to a screw on my home cinema processor, total silence now when running home cinema, which employs both systems operating together.

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