My PowerPlant P20 is very noisy

My PowerPlant 20 is very noisy…

I subscripted PSaudio channel, i like Paul, since he teach me so much audio knowledge. I decided to buy the P20 for supporting PSaudio, and aimed to cancelling my power noise and get the perfect sine… but it is doing the contrary.

I updated the firmware to V1.25 but nothing changed, it is still have high frequency noises.

I search online and find many users of P20 getting same problems!! I am so disappointed!!

Similar like this video:

anything i can do for solving the problems? or i have to send back the P20 to the reseller?

Your P20 should be completely silent.

I’ve got a low frequency hum with mine. Annoyed me from the beginning.
Obviously when anything is playing it can’t be heard but easily heard when room is quiet and everything is switched off.

Additionally, when I switch some components on, for a few seconds a louder hum appears and then disappears.

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I’m just speculating here, but are you sure your outlet is wired in phase? Meaning the hot and neutral are correct and is it correctly grounded?

I’m sure other on here will be able to provide better trouble shooting.

I’m based in the UK and quite a few years ago I replaced the standard dual wall socket with a Furutech Rhodium version.

As far as I know I’ve wired it correctly and everything works. Not sure of anyway to test.
Maybe bring in electrician to check?

I’m sure you could find the UK equivalent of something like this…

I can sure all the outlets and phases are in perfect connection. All of they are right checked before, and never have noise / hum problems in any of my Hifi system devices before. It is the first time I hear continue hum from my Hifi device, some of them will have hum when starting up, then silent.

I am using the top grading Furutech NCF outlet.

actually, all my devices are completely silent, excluded the P20… very disappointing… :sob::sob:

The hum is always here once the P20 turn on, I can’t accept the noise… very disappointed.

I have to remove the P20 from my system

If all of your devices are “silent” without the P20 then it’s obviously not your home wiring. Take the unit back to the reseller and move on.

Yes, I am repacking it now… and send it back to distributor.

The hum is not the only thing make dispointed, the P20 actually hight 285mm(but it list 280mm on official website). Since my rack do not have the enough height, I have to do many modifications to find a way to put it in my rack safely. Very sad… :sob::sob::sob:

Nice system!

What is the component in the lower left corner of your rack shown in the photo?


My p3 hummed (hums). Ps Audio suspects it’s my dimmer switch but that is off. The hum can’t be heard from listening chair so I ignored it.

A year later, my p3 is on eBay for 899, no bids, I paid about 1500 for it, and it lists at 2,499 I think?

Can’t wait to dump all of my ps audio gear.

I know this is too late, but I had a high pitched whine in my P15. It turned out to be (IIRC) the regenerator card. PSA sent me a new one. It was an easy board swap once I popped off the top panel. After that it was dead silent, as is my P20.

The stories of faulty ps audio products seem to be endless…I think the hum is a feature and not a bug.

beautiful Accuphase you have in the system.

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Keces P28 Ultra Low noise LPS, it is suppling DC power to my nucleus+, Dela S100 switch and QNAP Silent NAS. It performs very well.

official link:


The EMI Meter shows P20 generate ridiculous noisy… :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

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So cool to just look at!

Thanks for the info.

Added to the wish list…

As others have mentioned, your P20 is “not right in the head”, so to speak.

Need to swap it out for a different one…

By most accounts these area a great addition to one’s system, so I would not hesitate to give a different one a chance to impress.

Best of luck to you.

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