Cautionary Note About Using Uptone ISO Regen When Galvanic Isolation Is Activated With PS Audio Directstream


Just a cautionary note as per the title.

Basically, the USB connection drops frequently and requires restarting of the streamer and/or DAC which is irritating.

@em2016 has mentioned this before in the past.

It is documented in the following Computer Audiophile post

If other ISO Regen users with DS DAC’s have similar or different experiences please chime in here or at my other post.

Hi yacheah,

I was experiencing this issue as well as periodic microsecond drops. I reported my issue to Alex Crespi, who exchanged it for a new one in early July. I believe there was a problem with the first batch of components, which was corrected when a fresh supply parts were used in the new ISO Regens. For me the problem was corrected, and I haven’t experienced any more issues with my previous dac or with my new DSJ, which I’ve had for only a few weeks. I am using the the LPS-1 linear power supply with the ISO.

I couldn’t be happier. smile