Change from PS Audio S300 Stereo Power Amp to PS Audio M700 Mono Amps

When I want to test vocal harmonies three of my favorites are below. I will test them out later today on the S300 and later on the M700’s

Beatles - Because on Abbey Road

CS&N - Helplessly Hoping on their first album

Peter, Paul and Mary - This Land Is Your Land on Moving

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Yes and have actually heard them. Very impressive if not a little dry.

I bet some tubes could fix that.


Which release of “Because”? I am kind of hooked on the (2-Chan) Blu-Ray edition from Giles Martin. It’s a big sound!
I have the CS&N on vinyl I am not sure if I have the first album here at the house, but I am sure I just brought So Far in from storage. I’ll spin it soon.
I don’t have the PP&M record.

The biggest midrange-harmonies difference between the S300 and M700, one that made me say to myself “okay, there it is,” was on the remastered HD version of “Attics of My Life.” Plus, Phil’s bass lines are great for checking the bass control, which is tighter on the M700.
And another that’s one of those recordings so good it sounds great on anything is “God Only Knows” from Pet Sounds.

Also, if you have the time and interest, I’d love to hear what you use to evaluate these two amps. My reference cuts are primarily digital and Hi-Res.
Enjoy the eval sessions!

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Shawn, I usually play my early Apple LP release of Abbey Road but I also have and am impressed by the Giles remaster from a few years ago.
I usually use LP’s when evaluating my systems but in many cases think digital is every bit as good and am impartial to both medias. Old habits are hard to break.
Thanks for the suggestion on the Dead’s Attics. That one will have to be digital.

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I’m curious, what did you hear? Are the M700s amazing yet?


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Shawn, I had a friend over for a test between the two amps yesterday to get a second opinion. I have an early pressing of Abbey Road that I think sounds as good or better than any of the remasters. We started with the S300 and side two of Abbey Road and it sounded great as expected. Switched over to the M700’s with the same album and he thought the soundstage widened and was somewhat more encompasing with the bottom end deeper than the S300. My thoughts were similar but I think that I have grown so used to the sound of the S300 and have thoroughly enjoyed it so am still in decision mode on the M700’s.
The design engineers did a great job equally on both amps. The S300 is a phenomenal amp for someone interested in a single unit stereo amplifier.
I think both amps sound great but different so I am not ready to say that I enjoy the M700’s more. We continued on the M700’s with the Analog Productions remaster of Gregg Allman’s Laid Back, and early pressings of King Crimson’s Lizard, and Blue Jays by Justin Hayward and John Lodge. All sounded great. The strings on the song Maybe on Blue Jays were realistic with very nice detail.
Much more music to evaluate over the next week. I am enjoying the journey.


That sounds like a great listening session. Is there less pressure on your ears from the M700s?

The M700’s are mellowing out as are my ears to their sound. Great amps driving the Treo’s with a different sound signature than the S300.


I recently switched from the S300 to the M700. As much as I enjoyed the S300, the M700 is just a different animal. I listen to many kinds of music and as was mentioned before, the soundstage expanded and the mid really opened up.
I do find the high is a bit brighter and a much bigger bottom end.
And when I listen at lower levels, I get a much better experience.