Getting a pair of M700’s and wonder if connecting my Rel S 8/12 is the same as to my S300

Hi, I will be getting a pair of M700’s very soon and just wonder if connecting my Rel S 8/12 is the same as I do at the moment with my S300, (with the “floating” earth wire

Yes sir.


Congrats on the M700. They do sound cleaner and smoother and image better than the S300 and also has much better control of the bass.

You’re going to be very pleased with them new M700s! Sub hook up will be the same.

I’ll pile on and agree that you’re going to be floored by these amps. I didn’t make the move to them from the S300, but from another amp of similar power (Emo BasX A-300), and the ease with which the M700s present music I found to be substantially better. I’d heard about the benefits of adequate headroom for many, many years, but this was the first time I experienced it myself.

Make sure you allot yourself adequate time for burn-in. Though they sounded great out of the box, I found things improved noticeably around 200 hours or so, and continued (more subtly) for the next couple hundred.

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