Chosing power amplifier for DS Junior

Hi guys

I’m new to PS Audio but I’m about to by myself a DS Junior. My concern is if I should just plug it into my integrated Hegel H360 or by a power amplifier and run it direct to it?

I had an idea to run it with either a Luxman M600A or McIntosh MC 152.

I run it with Canton Reference 3.2 DC speakers.

Please hit me with your ideas/suggestions.



Welcome, Martin. Given the choices you describe, I would go straight into the power amp. Personally.

Thanks for a swift reply Paul. Then I guess it’s down to test it with different power amps and see what works best :slight_smile:

Why not just plug the DSD Jr into the balanced analog inputs, unless you are already using the analog inputs. But then you wouldn’t want to just use the Jr with an amp.

The Hegel has a very good amp, serves as a preamp, the only downside is the built in DAC, if it is not well isolated, but I would be surprised if it wasn’t.

Start that way, get to know the Jr, then decide whether you want just an amp. Are all your sources digital? No tuner or turntable?

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the input. Yes, it’s supposed to run as digital set up only. No other devices than the DSJ and an int amp/power amp was my idea.

I run everything via NAS/Tidal/Roon.

The Hegel sounds great as it is, I’m just cuirous about the power amp options. In my ears that’s “always” been the best option when I set up things. The advantage of the Hegel is that my wife can use the Airplay function :slight_smile: