Can I run a DS Jr. directly to my mono blocks

I’m wondering if the DS Jr. (or Sr.) can be plugged directly into my mono blocks. Will I still be able to control the volume on the remote for the DS Jr.?

It not for a “purity of sound” stance but rather, cost saving of a pre amp.


I did exactly that with two other (less expensive - different brand) DAC/preamps and worked perfectly. Also connected one of those and a DSJ to active studio monitors and that worked perfectly too.

Currently running an unusual setup: DSJ into two professional subs via XLR outputs (one per channel) that each pass through to an active studio monitor plus a consumer sub connected via RCA outputs using “Y” connector. (Value distributed bass sources.)

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Absolutely! I would check out the following threads:

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Yes, indeed they can and this is exactly how quite a number of people use these in their systems. It’s our recommended way of playing music unless you have a really excellent preamp like the BHK or an Aethetix

That’s good news. I can’t afford both a good DAC and a good preamp. If I get a good DAC now, I can wait to get a good preamp (BHK). This means that I will go a while without playing my LPs on a good system, but I have far more digital music than LPs.

Paul, I have a Musical Fidelity Nu-vista 800.
Should I bypass its preamp section when using Directstream sr.?

Since you have the preamp already you should try it both ways and see which you like best.

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I would try it both ways first. Though it’s not of the caliber of a BHK it is still a good sounding unit and might well enhance the experience. Much depends on synergy and that’s really only able to be determined through the listening.

Are you able to design some kind of “One Server to rule them all” (lol) to pair with Directstream? I mean, a one box solution with clean power, excelent clocks, low latency OS, running from memory, free of noise and ground loops, maybe running Roon natively. Like Auralic have the Aries.

I run for a year my DSj into my FW J2 amp through XLR but recently acquired an Eastern Electric MiniMax preamp and love it. A good preamp should not cost an arm and leg. Excellent definition and 3d stage.FW J2 It wasn’t dry in any way but I like better with 3 tubes sweetness. Definitely like Paul said,a preamp bring a lot to the table.

I suppose anything’s possible but not running Roon. We’re not interested in third party software out of our control.

I run my DS senior straight into the amps on my active ATC 50s and each with an onward Y connection to my single JL Audio Fathom sub (L and R input connections respectively).
I have worked on getting the best sound reasonably possible, without having a “ye olde worlde” hifi stack taking up valuable space.
I have a sneaking, but as yet unfounded suspicion that this setup may be XLR cable sensitive…these are the only signal cables in the system.