Can I run a DS Jr. directly to my mono blocks



I’m wondering if the DS Jr. (or Sr.) can be plugged directly into my mono blocks. Will I still be able to control the volume on the remote for the DS Jr.?

It not for a “purity of sound” stance but rather, cost saving of a pre amp.




I did exactly that with two other (less expensive - different brand) DAC/preamps and worked perfectly. Also connected one of those and a DSJ to active studio monitors and that worked perfectly too.

Currently running an unusual setup: DSJ into two professional subs via XLR outputs (one per channel) that each pass through to an active studio monitor plus a consumer sub connected via RCA outputs using “Y” connector. (Value distributed bass sources.)


Absolutely! I would check out the following threads:

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Yes, indeed they can and this is exactly how quite a number of people use these in their systems. It’s our recommended way of playing music unless you have a really excellent preamp like the BHK or an Aethetix


That’s good news. I can’t afford both a good DAC and a good preamp. If I get a good DAC now, I can wait to get a good preamp (BHK). This means that I will go a while without playing my LPs on a good system, but I have far more digital music than LPs.


Paul, I have a Musical Fidelity Nu-vista 800.
Should I bypass its preamp section when using Directstream sr.?


Since you have the preamp already you should try it both ways and see which you like best.


I would try it both ways first. Though it’s not of the caliber of a BHK it is still a good sounding unit and might well enhance the experience. Much depends on synergy and that’s really only able to be determined through the listening.