Cleaning stylus: Blue Stik horror!

I’ve avoided using my Onzow or DS50 from DS Audio since Mikey Himself reported that they leave gu on our styli. I’ve been using Blue Stik since Peter Lederman (Soundsmith) recommends it.
Well, today, I lowered my stylus into the BS and when I raised via the cuing arm, I was horrified to see a long string of goop come up from the slab of BS, still stuck to the stylus! Yeek!
Anyone have similar experience?

Hi Ron,

I have been using Onzow for 4 years (clean after playing each side) and last week had the stylus under microscope (the broken off one, bummer), and it is actually very clean. after reading MF’s article I was cautious as well. however, the part that got me apparently not the Onzow’s sticky gel leaves nasty stuff on stylus, it is the way I use it. thus make some change accordingly. I still plan to use this device going forward on new cart.


I once tried to pull some material off my DS 50 and with a pin and couldn’t do it without significant force that you’d never approach with normal stylus cleaning. On the other hand, the string of goo that stuck to my stylus with Blue Tac was surprising to say the least. My cart was crazy expensive (for me) and I’m not taking any chances.


Understand completely, if I pull out that Purple Heart eventually and using it, I bet I would feel the same!

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Wish you well with it, maybe send it off to Peter for an inspection and cleaning? Couldn’t hurt.

I had a Purple Heart that sadly met it’s end at the hands of a sweet but hyper-energetic kid.
It was a fantastic sounding cartridge.

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I did get it clean with a dry brush, a couple dips into a DS-50, some Lyra cleaning fluid.
With a light and a 10X loupe it looks fine. Sounds “normal”.

I’ve been using the quickest, easiest and cheapest method imaginable.

The cleaning fluid is alcohol-free lens cleaning fluid or L’art du Son (diluted per instructions). Put one spray or one or two drops on a Q-tip and make sure not saturated. I just roll it on the palm of my hand. Then just lower the the stylus on to the Q-tip.

There is nothing sticky, a soft landing guaranteed and no chance of the liquid affecting the stylus glue or creeping up into the body.

Do on every side - as there is no alcohol to evaporate, it should stay moist for hours.

But but but–the stylus, cantilever doesn’t snag the cotton?

No. It is damp enough not to have loose threads, but not too damp. Plus it’s a lot easier to handle a Q-tip.