Stylus cleaning and cardridge setup


I wonder what you recommend?

For example how often should i clean the stylus and what method do you consider the best? or maybe it doesnt matter, may is just a price stuff?

What do i need for making the best cardridge setup when changing a cardridge; is cartridge alignment protractors and a digital turntable stylus force scale gauge the only thing i need when changing a cardridge?


Might be worth checking out todays issue of Copper, Frank has some info about that is his column

I don’t start with cartridge setup, that’s a can of worms you should first read a bit about e.g. at analogplanet if you’re masochist enough :wink:

What I recommend regarding stylus cleaning is no brushes. Instead I recommend gel pad dipping for frequent use (what I pictured is the secret tip to save money)

For occasional use I recommend an electronic stylus cleaner and the use of Stylast, which really smoothes playback (not tonality or dynamics)

For cleaning a record I strongly recommend this brush with multiple rows

So - 'Nut - I feel that - and have been using similar gel to dip into for a while. That is probably a good thing generally. But when I got my new cart, the stylus was scraping a wad of crap out of the groove, that wouldn’t always be wicked out by the gel, whether I’d washed it with my pretty nice record cleaner or not. Which is I guess why I’ve expressed the fairly radical notions written elsewhere.

Definitely those gel pads are just for dust collected, not for heavy stuff like vinyl residue or similar.

For the rest I take the electronic vibration cleaner.

I also used carbon brushes before, but it needs too much care and concentration to avoid damage imo. If I’d not want to invest in the electronic cleaner, I’d look for something to drop the needle on and move the platter a little for cleaning.

Yup. But the OP was looking for inexpensive. And if I were talking about my rig last year or 10 years ago, I’d have different advice. I already have doubts about suggesting what I have for someone not into spending crazy money on cleaning there plastic discs or needle.

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For inexpensive and convenient he’s wrong here :wink:

Not that you’d have to go digital then, but nearly…

thanks jazznut for the recomendations;

i wonder how do you clean the ursa major brush? i also try to find the price in stores like amazon for stylast and the ursa brush but dont find; were did you buy it?

ursa major brush (finish?):

Moongel Damper Pads:

Flux Hifi Stylus Cleaner:

cartridge alignment protractors:

ps. what do you recommend for force scale gauge and for putting the cardridge cables out and in?

I wonder if someone can help me with some information:

sadly as a beginner i had been litle hard with my turntable, i opened the cover that is litle hard in my project primary e and the needle flew away so the needle broke;

now i wonder if i can change the Ortofon OM 5E Pickup to a Rega Carbon Pickup for my Pro-ject Primary E turntable?

I meanboth cardridges weighs 5 g and both cardridges use 1.75 g as needle recomendation; i belive then is just to put the Rega Carbon and all i need to do use a cartridge alignment protractor? I mean if both cardridge are the same in grams then i dont need to adjust the tone arm?


Hi, anytime you change a cartridge you have to go through a complete setup. The better you get it set the better it will reward you in SQ.
Check out,
There is very helpful information to help you get set up.

Is allright i sould my turntable, and bought a dsd dac(i decide to leave vinyls) :grinning:

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You are really going to enjoy your DSD . I love mine, and my analog front end too. Maybe one day you can revisit having a TT. Enjoy :blush:

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