Coax input fail with Audiophilleo DDC

USB and Bridge input are fine.

Use USB>>Audiophilleo>>PWD MK2 and set input to coax , have no signal.

Anyone know this problem ?

Specifications of Audiophilleo

Does the PWD coax S/PDIF input work with other sources?

I have to buy a coax cable to try pci-e sound card s/pdif coax output, make sure PWD coax S/PDIF work.

Maybe Audiophilleo +/- 0.3V amplitude let PWD loss signal.

Is PWD coax receiver need +/- 0.5v amplitude?

The S/PDIF spec is +/- 500mV. 300mV seems low to me. This may be the problem as 300mV is 40% lower than spec.

Hopefully someone from PS Audio can help.

Audiophilleo 300mV works on other DAC like Luxman DA-200,W4S DAC2 etc.

I know PWD focus on I2S,USB and Bridge. I use USB for PC and Bridge for NAS.

Coax input just for test.

Maybe next time PS Audio can choose a better receiver for coax.

I am not aware of anyone else ever having a problem with the RCA input on the PWD. I doubt it is the PWD.

It probably has something to do with the setup you are using. I am only guessing that the level might be an issue.

Have you tried your particular Audiophilleo, set up the same way, on a different DAC?

My PWD MKII works fine with Squeezebox Touch and NAD T562. The only problem I had was with the bad SPDIF coaxial cable which i found broken :slight_smile: