Comparing a Lampizator To Direcstream

Hi Folks,
I have the directstream dac and have been quite happy. The upgrade path to windom was interesting but well worth it.
I have come across lampizators atlantic trp dac and have heard raving reviews.
Has anyone here heard it ? Would love to hear how it compares to our beloved direcstream.


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I too would be interested to hear - I have a Behringer deq or two I have been considering"Lampizating" (from their diy site), not quite the same maybe, but nevertheless…

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I’ve heard one of their older DACs playing DSD and it was about as close to direct analog in the recording studio as I’ve ever heard. The advantage of the Directstream is that it does the DSD upsampling internally, but I though the Lampizator was awesome, just really alive and three dimensional. For DSD anyway. I’d say that it was more lifelike and 3D than the DSS.