DirectStream DAC General Discussion (was First Impressions)

DAC arrived and warming up.

Will start with the Box and work forward as some of you may not have had the pleasure of receiving and opening a PSA product. [ shame on you]

Oh and the chair in the Sweet Spot.

Sounds really weird upside down. Out of phase maybe?

how do i fix the pics? If you click on them they are ok. If I insert them they are upside down again.

Packaging is beautiful, as always.

DS case is identical to PWD except for a slightly larger and wider angle IR receiver on the front. [Full Production may have a DirectStream badge]

Also the USB input on the back is now orange and possibly different guts than PWD.

No clues to other differences until you peek inside, which I did, of course.

Very tidy inside and looks very well planned out in it;s simplicity. Not sure if I can post inside pics till Paul gives the ok.

I also checked the fuses and they are indeed the Superior “critical Link” fuses by PSA. That is a nice perk for anyone not wishing to fork out extra for high end fuses.

DAC is plugged in and will burn in overnight and will do some initial listening tomorrow.I won’t probably have anything to post on the listening till maybe Sunday eve or Monday as I want it to toast a bit for my first impressions.

I will say that I snuck it into my rig for a few minutes [had to make sure that it worked after all] and what I heard indicates that I really have to sit down and do this evaluation carefully and diligently. This is indeed a different DAC than what I’ve been listening to for the past few years.

I don’t mean to be coy about this, just that It rates doing it with a bit of thought on the vocabulary to clearly express what I think I am hearing.

I can say that I have a big grin on and as great as the MKII is, there’s no looking back and that was with less than an hour of warming up.

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…and who’s idea was it to send the first one to a Canuck?? :((

Gordon, when I get up tomorrow morning there better be some real sonic impression by gum! :-w :-w :-w


I thought they would be by Gordon? :slight_smile:

Impressions by “gum” is a sticky subject. =))

I guess Paul’s choices were limited…

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Geeze, this thread is already torched.

You’re the Rodney Dangerfield of PSA.

You expected civility?

stevem2 said: You're the Rodney Dangerfield of PSA.

"cant get no respect".

I tell ya…

Gordon said: I can say that I have a big grin on and as great as the MKII is, there's no looking back and that was with less than an hour of warming up.


I may have to report you guys to the PSA Forum censorship committee.

ELK, are you there? %-(

Gordon when you get a chance can you comment on the output level vs. the PWD, as well as the volume control sonically, and the -20db switch for those of us who would be happier using more of our volume control’s range.

Gordon said: I can say that I have a big grin on and as great as the MKII is, there's no looking back and that was with less than an hour of warming up.



I like it… =D>

I am waiting in suspense for next situation report.

Especially the hints about a different sonic character between the DS and the PWD MKII is interesting, however not entirely unexpected.

I feel like a little kid, waking up Xmas morning and gawking at and squeezing the packages wondering what is in them.

My initial task is to set up the DS in my rig and begin to scroll through the settings and features to connect it and see the WHAT and figure out the HOW. PSA, I think purposely, did NOT send me any instructions AT ALL.

So, I am wallowing through it with my cup of coffee and discovering some new goodies.

My, separate notes and questions will probably help to build the new instruction page and a Q&A.

It is very intuitive though, especially if you are a PWD Alum.

Another comment on the innards, for those who have ordered kits or considering it.

The “operation” should NOT be difficult at all.

The layout is very simple and although I did not have to do it on my own unit, everything should just line up on the same mounts as the PWD boards. It should be fun and a great feeling of accomplishment when finished. probably 30-40 minutes including any very natural head scratching moments.

A detailed video by PSA will make this a cinch. I nominate Alex and Mayoura to tackle the video.

The panel screen has multiple brightness levels from very bright to off.

when the screen is set at off, it comes back on when you push volume or other button on the remote and then goes back of automatically.The volume and balance indicators on the front panel are FULL SCREEN now and wonderfully visible.[ no more binoculars]

The setting for output volume is selectable as high or low. I am using a pre-amp so with dac volume set at 100% it took about 5 clicks UP on the pre to equal the volume of PWD.

The low setting, about 10 clicks. Those who had volume issues with PWD output should now have perfect control at the level they prefer.

I am presently using single ended ICs due to my pre. Later on I will test the DS direct to my amp using both balanced and single ended. That should be interesting.

My experience with the PWD showed me that EVERY input/output does require it’s own period of burn in.

No wonder the pro reviewers often take a week or two of playing and listening to write their comments.

Some more fiddling this morning and this afternoon I hope to do a bit of “sweet spot” listening.

First round will be identical set up to my PWD, single ended, using my pre and red book CD only.

Stay tuned.

About time!!! I’ve been sitting here all night! (:expressionless:


I know. ha ha

I had a great sleep! All 2 hours of it. =))