Comparing Bridge II to Sonore Signature Rendu

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare performance of the Bridge II with the Sonore Signature Rendu?

I’m surprised there have been no responses yet to this post.

Has anyone compared the Bridge2 to any high quality server such as the Antipodes, Aurender, etc. ?

Sorry, I don’t own Bridge-II but did have the Bridge-I and have compared to Dual PC CAPs setup using USB connection. The PC setup handily beats the B-I, no contest. It might be a different story with B-II.

Imho, it isn’t fair to compare B-II with Sonore or Aurender but if the performance of B-II is as close to either than it would be a giant killer.

Sonore Signature Rendu = $2895

Aurender N100H = $2699

Bridge-II = $899

I would be interested in the comparison as well as how does it fair with a CAPs PC setup.