Stack Link II Impressions

So I have had this two nights. Both my Sonore Signature SE and it need USB input on the MKII so swapping between the two is not fast. Using songs I know well I compared the two. The stack does use the volt externally LPS. Sonore it’s built in.

From the start it was hard to see any large difference in SQ. I am very used to the sound of the Sonore. But there does seem something a bit more dynamic with the link. Hard to pinpoint. But bass is tight and puncy on both. Highs are crisp w/o being too bright. It would be really hard to pick one over the other on pure A/B comparisons.

But, the Stack home advantages.

  1. It does not pop between DSD and PCM. a small click when pcm goes to DSD. But nothing like the Sonore.
  2. The software is easy to update w cable for a reset. IT SELF UPDATES ON UPGRADES. Which it did for me after my flash. They do releases. Sonore has been on this version for over two years.
  3. Build quality. Holy cow it’s tiny little hunk of solid billet aluminum. LPS Too. Anti vibration built in chassis from what I read. Also isolation with the case.
  4. It’s silver. So it matches my gear. I know. But I like that

I only use Roon so I cannot comments on other streaming software.