Comparing KEF LS50 with Technics SB-C700 speakers

I auditioned the Technics speakers at AXPONA and was quite impressed, one of the best bookshelves in their range, yet get very little coverage.

Good review here comparing it to LS50. Specially valid if you have a lower power Amplifier

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And the kid is only 19 !

Pretty cool, we need younger ppl to become interested!

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I watched that too. I remember Technics of old, didn’t know they were still around as we don’t have any dealers in my area. KEF are ruthlessly revealing of poor upstream components for sure.

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Technics is back with a vengeance. The revival of their beloved SL-1200 started it all. Now they have a set of loudspeakers, a couple of amazing amps and various turntables. Their amps also sounded pretty amazing. Actually Technics had one of the best rooms in last years AXPONA. I was quite impressed.

These Genelec point-source monitors are likely the best desktop monitors on the market today: