Comparison between Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 preamps vs PS BHK?

Hello everyone!

My system consists of Dynaudio C1 Platinum speakers, Electrocompaniet AW250R power amp, EC 4.8 preamp and Direcstream DAC.

I recently tested connecting the DS directly to the AW250R power and I really liked the result, increased detail and a clearer perception of the more sutle elements of the music.

My question is if anyone has already compared the pre BHK vs the Electro EC 4.8. I thought about upgrading to BHK but I’m not sure if these pres are on the same level or not, the prices seem similar.

Thank you in advance

Can’t say much but the EC preamp is tailored for synergy with EC amps. House sound consistency.
You know the signature of EC products - if you like it especially and don’t see (ah, hear) aspects you’d like to change, I don’t see reason to change to another preamp. Of course the PS could be great. Probably not “objectively better or worse”, I think EC is good value as is PS Audio.
(The BHK is probably the more musical option so perhaps more enjoyable (based on what I’ve read, haven’t heard it), I personally think EC is clinical and pleasant generally but “smoothly dry”)

Connecting DAC to power amp usually gives the sense of more resolvable detail but they say, often at the cost of some enjoyment, “musicality”, so essentially less of an organic presentation. A preamp always adds distortion and that’s usually good distortion with a good preamp.

Ah, rambling. Don’t listen to me, I can’t give a comparison, just answered because I know how EC tends to sound.


Thanks for the report.

So it makes a lot of sense, but that’s not what I see with the EC signature, it has a liquid, smooth, organic sound.

In my opinion, the Dynaudio signature is added and that’s why I love this combination, before Direcstream I used the ECD-2 also from Electro but then at a lower level.

This combination gives me great resolution while still playing extremely satisfying recordings not so good, I’ve pursued this signature for years. I’ve noticed a little loss of complacency with lower quality recordings by removing the pre from the set but it’s still very satisfying.

Still waiting for someone who knows the 2 pres, if they are of equivalent level I won’t change.

I mean, yeah, I agree. I hear those aspects but it’s kind of like how Mona Lisa has these aspects but the paint is dry to the touch.

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I had the EC 4.8 a few years ago and also have owned the BHK pre.
They are not in the same division. I think you should try the BHK and decide for yourself.


Interesting, I’ll try to find one for sale here in Brazil, thanks!

It is a bit important if you have an old or a brand new EC4.8 they are not exactly the same. I live in Norway and here the EC amplifiers have a better reputation than the Pre. For amplifiers you should also know that they improved them a bit a few years ago so a 10 years old AW250R is not exactly the same as a 5 years old one. They have a reasonable priced factory upgrade service but I guess it is not that easy to use from Brazil.

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Yes, I already noticed this Electrocompaniet policy, I had a problem with the AW250R relays only and when I contacted them, they informed me that they no longer used the ones that originally came with my power, they sent me the new ones and I exchanged it with mine local technician.

Interesting their upgrade policy, I’ll get in touch in order to update my AW250R, I don’t intend to change it anytime soon!

It seems to be a general opinion about EC powers having a better reputation than pre.

A bit late to the party , but I had EC4.8 replaced with ARC REF5SE years back. EC4.8 is sweet, full-bodied and dynamic, but lacks finest details (transparency) when compared DAC directly to power amps, or when going via REF5.

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Happy to hear they are able to support you in Brazil!
I live 30 minutes from the factory and have visited them. Impressing that they produce everything in Norway. They are collocated with a company that produce electronics for the oil industry so all boards are made just outside Stavanger, Norway.

Pulpit rock is a few km from the factory


Late nothing, on time!

Yes, this is exactly what I perceive in the signature and characteristic of 4.8. If it weren’t for the need for 2 analog inputs, one for the TD and one for the MCH, I wouldn’t upgrade the pre, I would use the DS in this function, that’s what I still have the external source upgrade to do, if that will affect the control of his volume.

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woo!!! :wave:

How lucky are you to be able to live in a country like Norway, one day I want to visit this wonderful country!

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I have one more question and I would like to hear the opinion of colleagues.

A great opportunity arose in a Primo pre from Musical Fidelity, it’s a pre that when it was new cost about 11k. Would Primo be superior to BHK?

I thank!