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…and my comment to ted_b…

one important point is that break in can be more than 500 hours. my own DS took more than 650 hours and then continued to improve a bit for a while (not sure how long), perhaps because it was playing full volume at night but was as moderate volume during day listening sessions.

my DS is fed by a Bryston BDP-1 via AES/EBU. The cable used matters and that is probably dependent upon the particular environment (lots of EMI in some systems). Using Bryston’s AES/EBU cable was fine, but a Furutech was a very large step up in my system when playing redbook or high resolution files.

The nice thing about the DS is that is sounds, as some have said, better than it should on internet radio via a Touch (my wife prefers that interface) connected by an inexpensive black cat SPDIF cable. Very enjoyable DAC. Ted, Paul and the gang must be proud.

One additional thing that needs to be said. My wife loves this DAC and that revealed that the DAC was fine-tuned by Ted and Paul’s wives. Ted and Paul were probably eating Paul’s pasta and wine, have a fine time, while the wives were working iteration by iteration. C’mon guys, there is no shame in this. Didn’t Einstein’s wife do the math? Thank you ladies.