DS appreciation


@Paul @@Ted

Thank you PS audio, thank you Paul, Ted, and the entire team that made Direct Stream a reality. It has been said here before, and I’ll say it again, this new DAC is a game changer! ( this is my initial observation after an hour of listening - fresh after an upgrade).

Now I understand why it was so hard for @@Gordon to articulate how this DAC sounds using traditional audio review terminology.

I’ve heard many a great DACs. This DS is on a level playing field (if not better) than the $30k Light Harmonic, and the $14k Meitner. I don’t have these DACs in my system for direct comparison, but from my memory on very familiar material, there is something magical to how the music flows with DS that is quite addictive! (And I haven’t even listened to any of my DSD collection of SACD rips).

Paul, I think PS is going to sell a ton of these DACs. Yup, $6k is a large chunk of change for most, but to get this kind of musical enjoyment from a $6k DAC is a deal. IMHO the upgrade for $3K is a steal!

CONGRATULATIONS PS I believe you have hit a grand slam with the Direct Stream!

Thank you for bringing state-of-the-art digital to the masses!


Thanks Lou! Ted’s creation is something extraordinary and it will take time to get it out into the world, posts like this one help a great deal to spread the word. We appreciate it.

I always have my eyes open for something that stands out above the crowd and when Ted came along, out of the blue as it were, it was obvious this product had to come to market and at a price people could afford.

If you think about it, Ted could have gone to any other company, perhaps one that makes uber expensive products and for those in the rarefied air of $30K DACs this one would have shown as a bright light and would have been accepted and worthy of every penny. Some might say it’s a bargain for $30K if it was in the right jeweled box. But to be able to bring this level of technology and perfection at the price we did, well…you’ve just nailed the PS story.

That’s what we try and do. We either invent it ourselves or we scour the world finding geniuses like Ted and put their souls into boxes people can afford. That’s what we’re all about and I truly appreciate the start of this thread and the kind words.77_gif