Connecting iPhone 11 directly to an input on back of DS DAC

Does a cable exist that I can use to connect my iPhone 11 directly into an input (USB?) on the back of my DS DAC? I’ve got a cable that I can use with my MacBook pro but obviously the termination that would fit into my iPhone is different.
A related curious problem: when I use Blue Tooth to stream Qobuz to a Naim Mu-So streaming player, I can use the Qobuz app without also needing to use mconnect lite app. When I do this Qobuz behaves differently from the other way I use it (will describe below). When I hit the play arrow for any album one song automatically follows the previous i.e. the entire album will play from beginning to end.
However, when I use the same iPhone to wirelessly stream Qobuz to my PS Audio DS DAC I must use mconnect lite (free) and then Qobuz will not automatically proceed from one song to the next within an album. I must click the play arrow for each next song after the previous song is finished. Why is this? Is there a fix?

Either will work but I highly recommend the second one over the first for the ability to charge as well. I had some clicking using the first one with my Dragonfly Red but that seems to have resolved over time with iPhone firmware updates. You will also need a standard USB cable to run from this to the DSD. Both of these also work with iPads.

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter

Of course you could also go with a streamer that supports AirPlay 2, but it sounded like you only want direct connection.

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I use the second one umiami91 mentioned above with my iPad (+ charging, which is very important for me, so that I don’t need to worry about draining the battery. ). Works like a charm.


Thanks for your reply. Not having an iPad…is the end of this cable the same as in the latest model of an iPhone - the 11? Also, I should have mentioned that the out socket on the back of the DAC is labeled USB but it is not the size/shape of a “normal” USB socket. It’s a completely different. Not sure what it’s called.

IPads are USB C these days - phone is Lightning. The USB connector on the DAC is USB 2.0 B.

AudioQuest makes several.

All iPhone and most of iPad are using same lighting connector. However, iPad Pro gen 3 and up, apple switch to USB-C. I have iPad (not iPad Pro), which is half price of iPad Pro, and with same lighting connector as my iPhone. Charger and accessories can be shared.

Thanks all for your helpful feedback. With a little more research I’ve discovered that what I need is a cable with USB 2.0 B on one end (that will plug into the USB port on the back of the DAC) and a lightening connector that can plug into my iPhone 11. Amazon sells these for as low as $12.
In Amazon’s Q & A part of their product description at least one person who has used this configuration (sometimes called MIDI cable) has said it works great with his DAC. So, I ordered one and will report back. Thanks again PS Audio family.

Back in my WiFi Surveying day, we were told never to use USB 3.0 peripherals from the Test equipment to the laptop but noways most laptops are USB. 3.0. Noise floor would increase. So compatibly shouldn’t be a problem. Noise, well that’s a crapshoot.