Please Provide Basic Bridge II Advice

Before I purchase a Bridge II for my DSD Dac, please provide some basic advice:

  1. Assuming I install Bridge II correctly and connect to my router with an Ethernet cable, and I download Tidal or Qubuz to my iPad/iPhone, (a) how to I get those music services to play? Must I download MConnect or something similar? (b) Do I need a particular browser for that app? Or © do I just use the Tidal/Qubuz app alone to play songs in their libraries?

  2. For my own music collection, I currently use an external HD connected to a BDP-1 digital transport, connected to DSD DAC by AES/EBU cable, and use an app on my iPad/iPhone to select the music to play. (a) If I install the Bridge II, how would I play the music on my external HD through the DAC without the Bryston? (b) Second, if I also have music on my computer, how can I play that through DSD?

Thank you for this basic info. Better to learn before buying and then grinding my teeth!


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Thank you much. When you say as long as my music collection is on the network, how do you mean? It is on the network via the BDP-1. Do you mean I can control the external HD connected to the BDP-1 using MConnect?

Thanks again.

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I know what @spudhead1964 was stating here, but just wanted to clarify that you cannot use the native Tidal or Qobuz app with the Bridge II. By signing in to your Tidal and Qobuz accounts, it will be through the Mconnect Control app mentioned… There is a section within the Control app where you can sign into your Tidal/Qobuz accounts and stream those services which are integrated into the Mconnect Control app.

As far as your question about all your locally stored files, you would have to set them up as a network shared drive in order for the Control app to index them and play through the DS DAC’s Bridge II. The better solution as @Spudhead1964 just mentioned is to purchase a Networked Attached Storage Device (NAS) which is connected to your router via ethernet cable. But, it is an added expense so that is the downside.

Thank you, Jeff. I will start with Tidal/Qubuz and when I reach a comfort level will move on to the External HD issue.

I am a late adopter, as I had to wait till my kids finished college to add to what I had. Case in point: I first bought an SADC player about 2 years ago. A little late to the party but well worth it.

I wanted to get into streaming, but I didn’t want to be messing around with software or figuring out how to make something work with something else. After speaking to a long time trusted dealer, I ended up calling PS Audio and got what was perfect advice for me: Roon, Tidal and the DS Jr. Roon has a great interface. I installed it on my PC which is in my office, away from my stereo system. Roon finds your music library and integrates really well with Tidal (and now Qobuz). I use an iPad as the controller (there’s a Roon app for this). The Bridge2 is built into the DS Jr. I keep all the software up to date and have a fast (Fios) internet connection. The sound quality is great, and it opened the door to lots of new music. Only modest fussing around with settings. I would go that route again.

I’d add that I have a good system built over years but definitely not state-of-the-art. For people with superstar systems, there are better alternatives. But you probably wouldn’t want to use the Bridge if you fall into that category.

With Android you could use BubbleUPnP instead of the mConnect app. Select BridgeII as renderer, set your Qobuz-/Tidal-/Dropbox-/OneDrive-/etc. account(s) and you’re ready to roll.

IMHO in comparison to mConnect BubbleUPnP offers ways better interface & functionality. Last but not least with Bubble one can use the native Qobuz- and/or Tidal app for browsing with the (Android) share function to enqueue/play selected albums/tracks via BubbleUPnP to the BridgeII in the background :wink:

Computers hate me! And I return the favor. After using Tidal for a year I bought a DSjr for my home office and loved it so much I got a DSsr for my main system. Streaming was good but I was having difficulty accessing hi res files from a hard drive. I tried the Roon trial and really enjoyed it. But now my imac was heating up and activating the fan in my office. So I got the Roon Nucleus and plugged it into the Ethernet in a room far from my stereo systems. The sound is great with Tidal and Qubuz and music files. Currently listening to all of Emma Kirkby recordings. The information tech world can drive me crazy but PS Audio dacs, music streaming and Roon has put a smile on my face.

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I get lost in terminology like “renderer.” I do not know what it is or what it means.

…both in mConnect and BubbleUPnP one can simply select BridgeII (which is a renderer) to play to.

Thanks to all for your help. Stay tuned. It will either go seamlessly or you will hear the sound of gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair – all in hi-res of course! Neal