Connecting Sony PS-HX500 to PSJr

This is a bit of an odd request, I know… I’m trying to connect the USB output of a Sony PS-HX500 to the PSJr’s USB input. Supposedly, the turntable outputs high-resolution PCM, and so I figured it would be perfect as a digital source.

However, the turntable has a USB-B connector, to (as you’d expect) a USB-A…and the PSJr has a USB-B input…I think because it acts as a USB Host, as – I assume – the turntable does too.

Anyone have an idea how to do this?

I don’t believe the Sony PS-HX500’s USB output is designed to be connected to a DAC. It has analog outputs for connection to an analog input, and the USB output which is designed to connect to a PC and be used with the provided software to rip to digital in either PCM or DSD at your selected resolution. Nowhere do I see it specified as being able to connect its USB output to a DAC and I don’t think its data output would be properly formatted to accommodate that connection.

Indeed. I tried a bunch of different approaches, and it basically won’t work. Oh well. :slight_smile: