HELP! Inputs with PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC


Quick question regarding inputs on my DAC

I have a 1st generation PS Audio PerfectWave DAC.
Its currently being fed by a BlueSound Node connected with high quality digital COAX cable- but wanted to upgrade my streamer to take my music streaming to the next level.

I’ve purchased an Aurender N100H, however, that unit is only USB out.

When I look at the manual, it lists the following in order of preference:
Coax DIgital

However, USB appears to be limited to 96kHz 24bit data, where the COAX is 192kHz 32 bit data!

Why is the USB higher on the recommendation chart than Coax?

Forgive me if I am missing something as I am newer to the audiophile world, but can someone please help me out on this? Is my streamer not going to be an upgrade due to these figures?