Considering Stellar GCD- Sonos Connect User Question

Hi. I am considering an upgrade of my Emotiva USP-1 preamp for this product.
I’ve had the preamp for a while and thought that this unit with DAC would be a good addition to my system.
My system includes a Sonos connect and was wondering if anyone out there has used the Steller GCD with the Stellar DAC vs the built in DAC on Sonos.
If so, was there a big improvement?

The rest of this 2 channel system includes a Pioneer Elite PD-F19 CD player.This is an old 300 disc player but works well and not ready to part with it. Currently using the internal DAC and would like to move it to the PS Audio DAC.

MMF turntable with external Lehman Black Cube Phono preamp - Connecting this to Stellar analog inputs.

Peachtree 220 amp.

A pair of Emotiva ERT 8.3 speakers.

Would this be an upgrade worth trying?

Thank You.

Hi Spom… I have a Sonos Connect playing through my GCD. I have used both the coax/SPDIF output of the Connect as well as the Toslink digital feeds to the GCD DAC. Both sound great. I haven’t directly compared that to the Connect’s built in DAC, but I trust the newer DAC chip in the GCD. I decided on the SPDIF (vs Toslink) interconnect due to it’s theoretically higher throughput, although, at the 44.1/16 output of the Sonos probably makes no difference.
More recently, I bought a Direct Stream Jr for my D to A duties, and it sounds even better. I like the Sonos human interface, in spite of it’s maximum output of 44.1/16. I use balanced from the DSJr to the GCD now. The new DSJ can stream via it’s built in BridgeII, but, I still have become accustomed to the Sonos human interface. The volume control stage and interconnection options of the GCD are excellent.

Very nice setup Calord. Thanks for your response. The DS Jr looks like a great addition. Maybe one day for me… :slight_smile:

I forgot to ask you. Have you tried streaming any hi fi (Tidal )service through your Sonos/PSA set up?
I’m currently using Spotify premium.

HI Spom… Yes.I was a Tidal Premium subscriber for over a year. Before I got the Sonos Connect, I streamed Tidal through a (now retired) Oppo 105 with a video monitor fed by the Oppo. Then I got a DMP and retired the Oppo (and the big video monitor that was unwelcome in our living room ;-)) The Connect and the Sonos app runs Tidal just fine (but, of course, still delivers only 44.1/16). I finally cancelled Tidal. The UI was just inferior and I found myself not using it. I signed up for Spotify premium and I’m glad I did. The UI is far better and Spotify has more than enough of the music I seek.
My Sonos Connect also supplies internet/wifi connectivity to to the rest of my audio gear via it’s ethernet outputs. I use a Sonos Boost plugged directly into my router to create a dedicated wifi subnet for all my audio connectivity. I have a second Connect in the garage to stream while I’m working on cars or other projects.

Hi Spom…I have Sonos Connect as well for streaming music from my NAS. However, it was being used with an external DAC by Rega. Did notice an improvement by doing an A/B comparison between the Rega and the Sonos. Recently upgraded my preamp and power amp by acquiring the SGCD and the M700’s…Love the trade-in options by PSAudio - Am really pleased with the results.
Anyway coming back to your question. I now have the Sonos Connect connected directly to the SGCD via SPDIF and my CD player connected via the Rega DAC to the SGCD. I haven’t done a comparison between the Sonos DAC and the SGCD but have done so between the Rega and SGCD. Can’t tell much of a difference. They both sound great.