Stellar GCD or NuWave DSD DAC?

Hello all,

I have the opportunity to get a Stellar Gain Cell DAC but I currently have the NuWave DSD DAC and am using an NAD 326bee as a preamp. The sound is awesome currently, but I’m wondering what kind of improvement (if any) I’d hear from switching to the GCD. Or, I’m considering just foregoing the GCD, keeping the NuWave DSD DAC, and looking to upgrade my preamp.

Any users out there with a comparison/experience between these two DACs? Is one DAC technically better than the other? The opportunity I have for the GCD is a used unit so I wouldn’t get to return it - hence my being cautious and wanting to be sure I’m headed down the right path before I buy since I don’t have the in-home audition option.


It is a big upgrade between the two IMHO. If you can manage to grab it at a good price you won’t be sorry between the two.

Thanks for the input, Paul - I especially appreciate it given your intimate involvement in the designing the NuWave DSD!!!

Thanks again for the help, Paul. I saw the GCD at the RMAF and it looks awesome (along with the Stellar power regenerator)! Can’t wait to save up for the GCD eventually. It was nice to meet you there - hope the rest of the weekend went well for you all.


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Thanks, Doug, Glad to have had a chance to meet so many fine people.