Converting DSD files to 192/24 Wav

I have been looking to convert the 12 DSD Albums I have to some form of PCM. I found some programs that said they would do it only a couple have done it with anything I would call success… at least after listening to the resulting files. I have found one that I would recommend (although I am still in the process of listening and testing) that shows such good promise that I decided to post it here in case anyone else needs or is looking for a program (hopefully it might save you some time, and effort).

If this keeps passing my tests, I will finally be able to sell my Sony Hap Z and not have to worry about how to listen to the DSD file I have acquired.

Here is the software I like a lot so far.

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Have you tried:

Mac and Linux only

That software is not something I can use it is available for MAC OSX and Linux only, I have to use Win 10. I have been doing some research on the issue and have found out I was approaching the conversion incorrectly I was looking to create a 192/24 file from a DSD 64 file which apparently sounds good but in reality is not a good choice based on the math. Soooo, after creating one each 192/24, 176/24 88/24, 48/24, and yes 44.1/16 the result was the 44.1/16 and the 48/24 sounded closest to the DSD file.

All the others seemed to sound more flat (lifeless) and deflated the highs (keep in mind I am not a hifi reviewer or wine reviewer;)) just didn’t sound true to the DSD 64 source by a long shot, and made me give up on the conversion, better listening to the DSD than try to convert it. I will just hold onto the HAPZ till I get a player that can hook to the PS DSSR using I2S, then I will hear the DSD through it.