To DSD or Not to DSD on the Nu Wave Phono Converter


I think this is my first post, any how I always been recording my Vinyl DJ Mixes on the Nu Wave, I couldn’t find a better ADC with RCA inputs and upper tier features. My sample rate has always been PCM 96 Khz 24 Bit. I never tried the DSD route and my question is, would it be better for audio quality and will I be able to play the recorded file on any music player?

The short answers to your questions are, “not necessarily” and, “nope”.

Paul and others suggest 24/96 as it (technically) far exceeds anything vinyl can produce, so DSD is potentially a waste of drive space for the purpose. But of course if you don’t care about that, and it sounds better via whatever means you use to play it, then go for it.

When you say “any music player”, I think iPod or car, or whathaveyou, and most won’t handle DSD (though other, high-end portable players and some cars do). Now there’s several flavors of DSD, and even the DMP will only play 1x DSD, like the files encoded on an SACD.

It is! Welcome!

That def sums it up, thank you beef.

Half price for the Nu Wave was a great investment for me. I wonder if Paul is working on a newer version.

We are working on a new phono stage both for the Stellar line and the BHK line, but no A/D inside. Just pure analog phono.

Ahh I see, thank you for the info Paul.

Cool thing about the NuWave is that you can use the analog input to capture the nuance of say a different phono preamp if one wanted to. I do this with my Tube phono preamp, and the preamp just sounds better with my set up that the NuWave phono section. The NuWave is a keeper. So Paul, has PSA ever thought about a stand alone A/D unit to accompany the new Phono for the purpose of ripping LP’s?

You have the tech, might as well use it??

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Aye, yeah, a stand alone A/D unit, good call Darren.

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