Cover Song Dominoes

A Spinoff of Bootzilla’s Cover Album spinoff of the Spinning Now Thread. Woo! Gettin’ dizzy ; )

Here’s the concept.

I’ll start with a two-sided “domino”:

Original: “He’ll Have to Go” by Jim Reeves*. Cover: Ry Cooder’s from Chicken Skin Music.

You can then build off either side of that domino with one of your own, but if you add to the Original side, it has to be a Cover by that artist, with the original. If you build off the Cover side, it has to be an Original by THAT artist, and somebody else’s cover of it. And so on.

Not entirely sure this will work, but it could generate some cool Playlist material ; )

  • I’m defining “Original” as, “whoever made it famous Originally” or “most famous” as opposed to it strictly being a tune penned by that artist. If we want to get fancy, maybe it would be within the Rules to lay your next Domino with something by Joe and Audrey Allison, who wrote the tune.

The cover choice is best if you just think it is the best, but is also great if, like Ry’s version (vs. Elvis and some others who covered it) it is done in another style entirely (in this case, Norteño) in such a way that it is not simply an affectation, homage or a means of cashing in with a pop version. That’s part of what makes this example a really great cover to me. But that’s more sorta “extra points” rather than a hard and fast rule. Some pop covers are awesome : )

Let me know if this is Just Way Too Complicated and this could just be a Fave/Best Original and Cover Songs thread.


Ry Cooder co-authored original song, “Across the Borderline” from his “Get Rhythm” album, covered by Willie Nelson on his “Across the Borderline” album.


OK - only took two posts to go south ; )

I was thinking that, like a game of Dominos, you can only build off the ends that are sticking out. So at this stage, the Original By Jim Reeves is open and Willie doing a Cover is open. Which means you could either post a Willie original with cover, or Reeves doing a Cover with the original. As I said, if this is too many rules, I get it. But one I would make is no multiple covers. You have to Curate.

I suppose that to keep track of it, we should just do a single leg and keep going that way, or the Reeves thing would have to be a separate thread. Dunno.

Jesus… I am away back to playing my records. In that place I switch my brain off and just listen…!

Let’s just do a single line. So the thing would be to attach a Willie original with a cover…and so on.

Willie Nelson, “Bloody Mary Morning” from his “Phases and Stages” album, covered by Kinky Friedman on his “The Loneliest Man I Ever Met” LP (featuring Willie Nelson!).

If I understand @badbeef’s rules, the next play would be a Kinky Friedman original combined with a cover version thereof.

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Thanks, man. Have this crazy idea it is a good Thread Concept. Too Many Rules to start out with. My bad. And I didn’t sort out that Threads only go One Way. :man_shrugging:t2:

So, yeah. The Dominos on this thread are just: The first post is an original and the accompanying post is a Cover, so post an original by that latter artist, with a cover by someone else. Do not worry about cover art and so on - you can just write the names of the song and artists, or they can be top/bottom pics if you do post the cover art. We’re Easy Here🤠

This makes this one a thread that only works that way, it’ll always alternate so it ends in a cover. In retrospect, should have called this “Original Song Dominos”. So I’ll start a thread that starts with a cover and ends with the Original, so you have a choice🤠