Best Original and Cover

Not sure if this has been explored elsewhere, but I can’t get over this pairing:
“He’ll Have to Go”

Original: Jim Reeves
Cover: Ry Cooder

Note that Jim has had 10 Grammy Nominations and Zero wins. :sob:


First song that popped into my head. Bob_Dylan_All_Along_the_Watchtower_single_cover

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Affinity does a pretty good job at that, too. There’s an urgency in the singing of Linda Hoyle that’s hard to match.

I bring Paint it Black cover by Jody Grind. Sounds a bit more convincing from vinyl than youtube.

“Cortez the Killer”
Neil Young & Crazy Horse- Original
Built to Spill- Cover from “Live” album

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I Can See Clearly Now

O: Johnny Nash
C: Hothouse Flowers

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“Sweet Jane”
Velvet Underground- Original
Cowboy Junkies-Cover


“A Change is Gonna Come”

Original: Sam Cooke
Cover: Greta Van Fleet


Very cool. Love the keyboard covering the guitar solos. I guess we also need to include Neil Young’s cover.

I have to confess I’m a bit bored of Neil Young. I’m down to 34 records of him on vinyl from over fifty. I’ve even flewn intercontinental in the past to see him live. Now that they are pressing every tape they can find and releasing all the archives, it’s just too much of the same.

Nevertheless, on the topic of NY and covers, I don’t think we can sail past the white dove before we can sleep in the sand.

Another Brick In The Wall

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The Sound of Silence:

Original - Simon & Garfunkel

Cover - Disturbed


“Mad World”

Original - Tears for Fears
Cover - Gary Jules

I really liked the original, but when I heard the cover I thought “This is what they meant!”


Poor, poor pitiful me

Original Warren Zevon
cover by Linda Ronstadt

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I really like the Al Green cover of A Change Is Gonna Come

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Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye…Steam

Kiss Him Goodbye…The Nylons

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Snoop Dogg, “Gin and Juice,” a classic West Coast hiphop anthem, turned into a bluegrass rave-up by Austin alt-country veterans, the Gourds (NSFW):


Excellent pick. Might be a ‘gin and juice’ day here!


Dave and El Rayo X version of Etta’s classic