DAC and Tubes, without comp


Hello, this is my first post. And I would like to say Thank you to all the team of PS Audio for super quality work and a pleasure to listen to music.

My setup is pretty simple: PW DAC2 with Bridge, ProAc Response D28, Tube Amplifier Klyachin SA-5, based on EL34, and 12AX7. Sound sources are Rotel 971 (as transport) and router Fritz!box 7390 as a Media Player with remote control over Fritz!Fon. Fritz directs the stream from USB port to the Bridge without any conversion, so the computer is not needed. FLAC files stored on a USB flash (or SSD), although NAS Synology is also available. Fritz!fon provides instant access to music files via DECT, without delays, usually associated with the Wi-Fi based controllers like PlugPlayer and others.

This is a great cooperation of the state of the art US made DAC, British acoustics, German telecoms, and Russian tube amplifier, connected by Dutch Van Den Hul.

And after watching the movie Wag the Dog, I prefer to read books of Norman Lebrecht and listen to Ashkenazi and Horowitz, than watching TVs and newswires.

Vadim Voronin, Moscow.


Very nice…! Love the tube amp…happy-048_gif


Welcome! Thanks for posting.