PS Audio DLIII replacement?

The USB input on the trusty DLIII has stopped working. I have had this DAC in my system (Linn 5103 pre, Linn Klout amp and Linn Magic 140 speakers) for 8 years and it has worked flawlessly. One of the best audio bargains I have ever had at $400 used.

My macbook or Imac doesn’t recognize that it is connected despite trying out many different USB cables. The other digital inputs work so it is not a total loss but all of my music is redbook ALAC with a very few high res files fed from my Mac. I borrowed a friends Schiit Eiter USB to COAX device for a while and it worked fine, although now that I look they are becoming hard to come by since they stopped making them.

While I do love the sound of the DLIII with my system I am wondering if it is time to replace it, rather than spend more than half of its value attempting to patch together a system to get it to work again. I wish I could afford a PWD or the like but really my budget is closer to $500 -$750. I have been out of the market for so long I don’t really know which way to turn and fear buying any of the new inexpensive little DAC boxes out there (Schiit or Topping come to mind) although I do understand that technology changes and new tech is generally quite a step up on 10+ year old digital gear.

So any advice would be greatly appreciated. Can $500-750 buy me a better used DAC than my beloved DLIII? If not maybe I just find a USB to COAX converter. Doubt the DLIII could be repaired but I haven’t really considered that. Suggestions or ideas?

Well if u consider the usb converter go look at the matrix thread.

Very interesting stuff, wasn’t familiar with this device. Somewhat on the fence spending that much on a $400 DAC but I can see it would be useful down the road in other applications.

I bought a NuWave DAC in your price range and don’y use the USB but it is a fine DAC.

Welcome! Sorry the ol’ DLIII is acting up on you. Wonderful sounding DAC for its time!

If you have any interest in one of our current DACs, (DSD or GainCell) I can get you extended trade-in pricing if you traded that guy in to us. Feel free to shoot me an email and we can discuss pricing.