Damping factor for M700's vs S300

Looking at the specs for these two different amps, I was surprised to find that the damping factor for the mono blocs only had a damping factor of 200 while the S300 amp with far less output/power exhibits a damping factor of 550.

Why such a large divergent between the two, and why would the more powerful amp have such a small value. Its always been my understanding that amps with large damping factors are a good thing in order to control the speakers better. Or perhaps I’m missing something.


Damping factor is merely the number 8 (the nominal 8 ohm impedance of a typical speaker, ignoring the effect of the speaker cable) divided by the output impedance of the amp. A damping factor in the hundreds is silly high.

The spec has nothing to do with output power.

I wasn’t trying to imply that the output power had any direct correlation to the damping factor, obviously I’m not an EE. But it is worth noting that the vast majority of amps with high power output do possess a damping factor often greater than 500 ± including the S300 as well as the BHK amps and many others.


Hi routlaw,

The M700 has a damping factor of around 550 into 4 ohms and 1100 into 8 ohms. May I ask where you saw the damping factor for the M700 listed at 200?


I see on the product page under Features that the M700 damping factor is shown as 200:



Exactly, this is where I saw this as well. Perhaps a misprint/typo?

Oops. Good catch. Fixed.