Darko Podcast: Rick Rubin, Dolby Atmos & Audiophile Red Flags

I found this recent podcast from John Darko & Michael Lavorgna VERY exciting, a word I’ve never used to describe a podcast.

They really dig into the Atmos music stuff and do not hold back.

Here’s the link on Soundcloud.


It was good. Listened to it today. It was pretty spot on. Tho the part about DSD being dead not sure I agree but I did understand how they said a new format comes out and it’s the same limited titles. Steely Dan,Pink Floyd etc.

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Mr he format wars all over again. I remember when SACD first came out and it was MLP DVDA that was the competition. I thought SACD had advantage with the dual layer. You buy the discs and eventually you have a collection. But MP3 killed that whole thing. People went for convince and iPods. And in most cases found it easier to steal than buy.

Both formats were put in the corner rack for Audiophiles only.

Now that bandwidth and hard drive space are cheap and plentiful streaming vs spinning is the new war. Convenience vs quality. But this time the quality gap is much much closer. And cost a ton to make spinning better IMO. Hires files have really taken off now. But Spotify still rules with its free low res.

This podcast says DSD is dead. Well not dead but still in the corner rack. They are right about Atmos. Biggest thing with Atmos is almost everyone knows what it is. Everyone with a multichannel surround sound that is. You don’t have to explain what is this 1 but thing? How does it work and why is it better? Oh it’s atmos. I have that. I can get music all channels. Way cool. Selling done. After 20 years DSD still does not have that understanding. Nor do most care. They know what atmos is and like it. Makes their movies great.

On the production side I would have to venture it’s way easier to produce and sell blu rays with it on it as well as putting out to stream. So the studios will probably back it as well. Heck $400 sound bars can use it. Fight is over before it even began.

I just saw an announcement on some social media platform the other day that some musician/producer I respect greatly was going to be remixing some landmark album for Dolby Atmos, and I thought, holy crap - this is substantial enough that it may require me to look into it!

Now, a few days later, I can’t remember what it was. :rofl:


I have been waiting for Roon to come to Anthem AVM70. I have been told by dealer that it’s delayed due to they want roon and atmos to work together. We shall see.

I related to the section of the podcast when Lavorgna remarks about this soundbar experience.

Whenever I see Atmos being marketed on soundbars, smart speakers or even tablet speakers, I just want to burn them all.

It’s such a scam to fool consumers into thinking they can have Atmos with a single speaker.

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