Windom update?

How about a Windom update to distract us in our social isolation?


Wouldn’t that be cool? I’m not too sure what Ted’s been up to.

We need something to do when we get quarantined, Ted should know this. I’m in (I mean ready for an update!) :wink:

I could beta test!!! Lol.

It’s not Broken - I’m Happy.


No guess when one might come out, but in working on the input processing I found something that will probably increase sound quality a little. Once again it’s just moving when things happen in time without changing any results.


Hopefully, we’ll get DSD256 input on the next release!

I’m working on DSD256 over I2S right now. I’m reasonably sure that it will work, but I’m not done yet so we’ll see.


So possibly I2S but definitely not USB?

That sounds awesome Ted. Unfortunately, the Klugdefest I built in between the DSD Sr. and the Sony UBP-X1000ES only supports 2.8MHz DSD over Sony’s proprietary DSD over HDMI Video/Audio. I do have 5.6MHz (DoP - USB from my PC direct into the DSD Sr.) & 11.2MHz files (Sony’s internal DAC supports this - but the SQ is meh).

The difference in sound quality going from S/PDIF to I2S was easily noticeable. I’m very happy spinning my SACD’s and have re-downloaded many of my 5.6MHz files from HDTT and Blue Coast. Very helpful people. HD Tracks said NO ! I still have to contact Acoustic Sounds.

Here’s the link to my Madness :

HDMI Video/Audio to DSD Supported I2S Adapter Boards

There’s a whole lot more driver work, etc needed for DSD256 over USB, it also requires work in the XMOS chip. For the time being you could use, say, a Matrix which does support converting DSD256 over USB to I2S.


I’m just happy to Hear about this!! Haha. Another guaranteed isolation of 3 weeks coming up for me. Their coming to take me away!!! :slight_smile:

Yes, perfect then!

Great news, Ted. Thanks for the update!

Singxer DDC will work as well :wink:

Hey Ted, I’m so bummed lately that I’d even be thrilled with a nice placebo update to Windom!

I’ll get right on that :slight_smile:


Please make it pretty

All seriousness aside (buhdum), besides the amazing sound of the DSD and Jr, one of the “can’t live without” features of these things is the periodic updates. Truly brilliant idea.

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Agreed. However, I can’t help but have FOFU over the periodic updates. (not the one in the Urban Dictionary… I mean “Fear Of Final Update”)

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