dBpoweramp encoding

I’m trying out ripping CDs with dBpoweramp. I’m curious to see if they sound any different then my previous ripped CDs. One question I have is what do you use for encoding? The default is “Lossless Level 5”. Anyone use “Lossless Uncompressed”?

I just looked at my settings and I use Level 8 or Uncompressed. I used to use level 5, that was their recommended setting. But I’m not interested in saving space so I’ll go with the level or no compression.

Thanks I will give no compression a try.

Level 8 is max maximum compression, level 0 is uncompressed.

Personally I use level 8, but my CDs are so small compared to my SACDs that the compression doesn’t matter. But fewer byes over the wireless connection to my NAS does make a difference.

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I recommend “uncompressed”. AIFF is my preferred file format. FWIW.

Actually, FLAC level 0 is still compressed. Look here:

The “Lossless Uncompressed” option in dBpoweramp is uncompressed. Some but not all rippers offer this option.

Thanks - I knew that, but got ahead of myself.

I saw one U-tube video reviewer of compressed lossless, forgot who. Two points were made.

  1. The very slightly longer time its takes to decode compressed files, has virtually no effect on the newer DACs. Or SQ due to difference in time needed to decode at various compression rates.

  2. The reviewer says that he cannot hear a difference in the playback of the uncompressed versus a 8 level compression. And suspects no one else can. I can’t (based on a test of only 2 tracks, admittedly not very scientific :wink: ).

i agree with all others comments. Now, I just roll with level 5, because it works well with streaming via ROON/Tidal.

Feel free to ‘rip’ my contribution herein. Gee, I hope I don’t start a fire storm. :smile: In the past, I have resisted any cable quality comments


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Most of my CD’s are ripped at level 5. Recently started using lossless uncompressed. Don’t know if I can tell the difference. However, since storage space is so inexpensive nowadays, it can’t hurt.