Decware. The Best Amp Ever? Andrew Robinson Seems To Think So

I’ve been in the list since March 1. I kind of like the promise of delayed satisfaction. Something to look forward to at some entirely unknown date.

And knowing ahead of time that it will be awesome.
I always look at the used market as a source to see the popularity of an item.
All of the stuff I am looking for is almost never seen on the used market and as Martha says “that is a good thing”.

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I believe he is at or near a backlog of 600 pieces, at least that’s my understanding when I spoke to him this week about an audio rack and recommended spacing for my new pieces on order. I won’t bother looking at where I am on the build sheet until Thanksgiving.

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I’m at approximately number 312 on the list out of 643 total orders listed. If I had ordered last July, it would’ve only taken a couple of months for delivery. Several big print and YouTube reviews in the fall, combined with covid cabin fever, have created the vast wait times.

By my informal estimation, in my 3 months on the list, they’ve completed 2 months worth of orders from October and November of last year. They still have 35 orders to finish from November. That puts me about 3.5 months out in terms of orders, which I estimate will take about 5 months more to complete. Which makes my grand total estimated wait, start to finish, about 8 months. Which puts a March 1 order arriving in hopefully November.

These are rough extrapolations that will win no Nobel prizes :joy:

Well I partially solved my DecWare wait time issue as I unexpectedly stumbled across a DecWare Zen SE84UFO with the anniversary mod installed June 2021.
Without hesitation I purchased it. Now to get a new set of tubes and resolve my speaker matching dilemma. My Decware SE84UFO25 order remains. I don’t anticipate seeing it until 2022, as it was an April order. This will get me by and now I can play with speaker options.



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I sat in the cathedral of sound they have down there.
A true high point in my life. Really special.


My amp, ordered Dec. 7, has just moved to their shipping dept. So hopefully will be going out this week. They had a 5 month lead time at that point. So, couple-three months off on that. They had had a pile of orders the weeks prior.


Exciting times, as I sit here awaiting delivery of my SE84UFO with anniversary mod. Supposedly due by 7 pm. My amp from Decware’s mothership probably won’t see the light of day until…
GroundHog’s day.

I look forward to your comments once it when it lands.


Well - apples and oranges, frankly - but should be fun in any case.

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Not so much implying they are the same, what 20 WPC versus 2.3 WPC. Two very different products trying to meet different needs. The Torii should be easier to mate with a wide range of speakers, but having heard the ZEN SE84UFO I figured it was worth rolling the dice. My primary motivation was to try single driver low power once. This is my shot.
Considering demand for their products should it not pan out I can flip it without much wo$$y.
Now continuing with my speaker search.

Signs of hope! That puts my ZRock 2 about 3 months out…

This email just in from Decware:

“Just a note to let you know the status of your TORII-JRv2 order has been updated to: Shipped”




Time for a happy dance—don’t worry–nobody’s looking.


Many here will note the stark contrast in mood compared to the recently (and deservedly) closed cablemaker’s thread. It ain’t Brain Surgery.:man_shrugging:t2:


Hey Beef,
Maybe you should route it thru my place so I can burn it in for you. Maybe? :grin:

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I would like a place in line, too.

@Elk,The line got shorter.
I am assuming @badbeef has not moved south and is funding the move with an equipment garage sale.

This won’t last as the wait is 7+ months:

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Nope - not me. I’m getting the lowly Jr. MkII.

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