Playing real music

In watching one of Paul’s videos Mr N said something that makes sense but we do not discuss it.

He claimed that many audio Amps dacs etc play sound but it’s not music.

He went on to say his tube amp played music but most any solid state amp did not.

It was the lead in to the new amp from Paul. At first I laughed at the words as mr n is always a salesman first far more than paul is.

Not saying this means he is full of it but it’s just my view so to speak. I do admire him and if there is one name in ultra hi end audio that changed how it should sound it’s him for sure in my view.

So as I read about how we all feel about Yale Ted B mini review that I loved seeing in print

it occurred to me that Mr N was right as I claim I need a certain amount of let’s say weight to keep me there. Well that means for it to be music right. Well damn he is right again and this time I think I understand why.

So here is a thread to better explain and go into detail on this. It’s not about is it real that alone does not explain it after all each of our perceptions on real is very polarized individually. So what can be said to put us all on one page.

I for one do not have the answer but I would very much like to read others here.

And Paul this would be a good topic on one of your threads too.

Thanks Al and it is a topic near and dear to my heart. It shall be considered for a topic. Thanks for bringing it up.

On Friday with 2 friends it was just headphones . Without getting into details the 2 men are musicians and I tend to disagree with those types . But these two men are also like us audio nuts . They totally loved Yale on all the headphones . The dsd we played was very good and yes it sounded like music lol .


Al, how many times have I got to tell you that inviting the guys from the subway over is not a good idea!facepalm-smiley-emoticon_gif