Waiting for my M1200s

I want to thank all the Beta testers for the M1200 reviews. I’ve been following that thread daily. I was interested enough in these amps from the description alone to consider trading my M700s on a pair. How PSA can improve on the M700s is beyond me. I’m a mechanical engineer, not electrical. But all the beta reviewers said it’s a marked difference, in a whole different league. I heard from FedEx yesterday that my pair was on their way and I should have them sometime Sunday. I can’t wait to hear these for myself!


Woo Hoo! Can’t wait to hear what you think. Hard to believe, yes, but a big step up!


I have to say your business model makes this an easy sell at home. While my wife really has no interest in the hobby, she knows what it means to me. When I got my M700s I couldn’t believe something that light sounded so good. Plus, I had 30 days to audition them in my system. You can’t beat an offer like that. I expect to hear everything the beta reviewers did with the M1200s. Come on Sunday!


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Can’t wait. This is fun and I have high expectations. Photos if you have the bandwidth.

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We just changed providers so I should have the bandwidth for pictures. I’m really looking forward to it as well.

David, i am in the same boat, I have had the the M700’s for a couple of months they are barely broken in 3-400 hours on them. I absolutely can’t believe the sound I’m getting from them, as soon as the 1200’s went up for preorder, I ordered them I can’t imagine how it can get that much better. What speakers are you using with your 1200’s? I am using a pair of Legacy Audio Aeris in my system. I preordered 3 M1200’s left/center/right channels. I’m patiently waiting for the amps to arrive, but enjoying the m700’s for now👍

I’ll post pictures at Paul’s request but my system is just 2 channel music. I have Magnepan 3.7is with a pair of DWM bass panels for speakers. I have a Levinson No.28 pre amp, a Rega Saturn R CD player, a Nakamichi CR-7A for the stuff I have on cassette that I haven’t been able to replace and an old AR belt drive turntable with a Denon cartridge. Most of the cables are Audioquest.

I’ve had the M700s for about 2 1/2 years and never thought I’d get rid of them but if I hear what the reviewers did, it will be money well spent.


I’m going to put out a couple of before pictures as I obviously don’t have my new amps yet. When I met my wife, she asked me if I had a TV. I said, it may be in the basement. I don’t know. I played my stereo from the time I walked in the door until I went to bed. We got married, and eventually moved. She asked if she had to look at all the cables in her living room in the new house. I said, no, I’ll put the stereo in the basement. Trust me, it didn’t look like this. That was OK until the water problem. Instead of the basement getting better, it got worse. 20 years later I finally have a comfortable music room, as you can see. Then the upgrade bug bit. It’s been a wonderful ride so far. More pictures to come when the new amps arrive.


Are those brown cassette cases on left of rack from mid-late 70’s or possibly early 80s? My folks had some that looked just like those and seeing those in your pic brought back some great memories- thank you for that pic!!

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I had 5-6 of those brown vinyl cassette cases filled during the 80s. I gave them all alway about 5 years ago to a kid that appreciated music. Hope I didn’t ruin him.

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Two Nakamichi tape decks - wow! :+1:t2:

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I picked up the 580 when the CR-7A was out for repair. It’s good but no where near the CR-7A.

Maggies seem to be ideal to hear those M1200 improvements!

I love the blend of old school and new equipment.

There are a couple pieces in the system I don’t ever see myself replacing. The Levinson pre amp is one. The CR-7A is another. There are a couple things I have on tape that I’ve never been able to find on disc. I borrowed the LPs from friends so I don’t have them either. The only way you can tell the tapes from the CD is less dynamic range. You pretty much can’t tell the tapes from the LPs except in very quiet passages when you can hear tape hiss.

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If a cassette deck could prove it…the Nak with quality tape could…
btw what cassette tape brands type are you using?

Most of my tapes are Maxell.

Well I don’t know what happened. This morning the FedEx tracker said delivery by the end of the day today. I checked a few minutes ago to see if I could get an idea of time and it says delivery by the end of the day Monday. :sob: Oh well, I guess I’ll be listening to the M700s one more day. I can think of worse.

Do you plan to keep the M700 for a good while even if you like the M1200 early on?

I’ve had the M700 (and P10, DS and BHK pre) for 2 years driving inefficient stand-mounts that image like crazy and seemingly play without limit - my limit comes in way before theirs.

Of course, I’m curious what the M1200 would do but it’s a significant spend for potentially a minor difference.

Most interested in your comparison after you’ve had the M1200 for a few months and then going back to the M700, if you’re willing/able.

I considered keeping them for my secondary system and would if funds were unlimited. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The salesman said he’d like me to return them within a month. Doing an A - B back and forth would be informative. I quickly liked and decided to keep the M700s and traded an Adcom 555 for those. I will let the M1200s burn in for at least a week before deciding. I’ll decide somewhere along the way whether or not to pop the M700s back in to confirm my impressions.