Denafrips Iris

Does anyone have any familiarity with the Denafrips Iris USB converter?

OK I have the unit in house and hope to get it up and running this weekend to a system consisting of the full stellar stack, including M 700s and the P3.


Ok I have good and bad news. The good news first is using the spdif format from the Iris to the Stellar Gain cell I hear a dramatic improvement in clarity tonality. Bass definition is really improved. so far I have not been able to get the I2S connection to work. Stay tuned.

I learnt about Audio GD DI20HE from Headfi then bought it. Later on I saw Denafrips products. Audio GD looks DIY comparing with Denafrips, but I really like the sound with current FPGA FW, especially HE version with regenerated power supply. Really happy :innocent:

Did you get the I2S working? My Iris is on the way, and will be feeding I2S to a Denafrips Pontus. I will also report back with a functionality/sound quality report.

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Greetings. I did not. however, the Iris has done a great job with the USB conversion to coaxal. I may have a Pontuis sometime soon in my future as well.

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Any news on using Iris output from I2S to DirectStream DAC?

No, Still using the coax. I must say though the little iris mage a huge sound difference
over the sound I was getting from USB.

Reminder my system consists of the following
Stellar gain cell ,DAC/Preamp.
Denafrips Iris
Stellar M700 Amps
P3 regenerator
Source is files stored on my PS and Qobuz.


Thanks Robert. Why did you choose this? Have you compared it with either matrix x-spdif or singxer su-2 and su-6 which instead may work with ps audio dacs via i2s?
All the best

Is there anyone on the forum who tried usb -> Denafrips Gaia -> i2S -> Directstream?

I actually just took a shot. It looked to be well built and Denafrips has a reputation for great sound.
Moreover, I think I want to try one of their dacs later on.


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I contacted denafrips asking for the compatibility of the iris output through i2s and ps audio DirectStream and they confirmed that they are not compatible. Denafrips uses another standard and I assume that also gaia is not compatible. Their terminator dac can use alternative settings for i2s so that it can also read data sent by a ps audio player. So, with ps audio dacs one must use aes/ebu or coax input.


How do you stream Qobuz to Iris? Do you use a computer or have you a streamer (auralic or aurender)?

I just use a computer.
I have a custom-built Digital Storm PC.



Since IRIS has I2S over HDMI couldn’t you just rewire the HDMI cable to get the required pinout for a PS Audio DAC I2S input? Or are there different voltage standards for the signals?

I am not sure that there is only a difference in the mapping of the signals to the pins. I preferred to buy a Matrix X-SPDIF.

This store sells custom I2S cables. I think there would be no problem for them to assemble one to join Denafrips Iris with Ps Audio.
They say that at the time of ordering the DAC and the digital interface are indicated. Check with them to see what they tell you. I think they may have a solution.

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