Denmark is building the world’s largest wind energy island

Denmark is building the world’s largest wind energy island


Indeed, Denmark is the front runner of the wind power generation. As far as I know, one Denmark company is also working with the small island Country, Taiwan, for renewal energy, especially, for Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturers - (Next time, when buy something with chip inside, I will be very happy to know the chip is done by renewal energy. :slight_smile: )

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The energy landscape of tomorrow

The Compact Molten Salt Reactor will complement other sustainable energy sources

Molten salt reactors operate at high temperatures that put a lot of strain on structural materials. For Seaborg it is important to understand all aspects of managing the high-temperature molten salts in our systems. To accomplish this we’ve teamed up with
Kirt Thomsen
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet - DTU
DIN Forsyning
, Viegand Maagøe, and Blue Consulting for a project on storing excess wind energy in high-temperature molten salts. Have a look at the trailer that Energy Innovation Cluster has made for it, right here: