Climate Change

This is just the way it is when you are one of the world’s biggest polluters and do nothing about climate change, etc. Oops, do you remember my prognosis for the virus in the US - in a short while you have hit it. Then just sing a song from the hot countries. PS your music taste - I’m shaken …

More love Denmark …

PS I have a couple of family members in Canada who jump out of flies ---- they are firefighters and will probably come and help you …

Careful, there Michael. You’re close to Elk’s third rail. From the fact-checking website SNOPES:

“Based on the data contained in the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) February 2020 report, it would be accurate to say that in 2019 the U.S. had the largest year-on-year reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of any country, in absolute terms.”

Aside from that, burn scars have some minor benefits - all the pesky snags are cleaned up:


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Yeah … calm down now boys. By 2030, we will reduce our CO2 emissions by a further 30 percent. I do not remember exactly the world rank list. China, India, USA, etc.

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India, China the worst offenders…not following the environmental agreements
while we pay through the nose and have had much higher standards and freedom
from polutants than China or India…

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I don’t know English well so I can be wrong. I got the impression that there were comments with malicious instructions instead of words of encouragement.
Colleagues from Colorado, I keep my fingers crossed for you.


Thanks - yes, you are correct. My reply was intended as irony. :cowboy_hat_face:

It seems that politicos have forgotten one of the biggest
factors behind global warming and climate change is
this overlooked character player infuencer…

The earth’s continuously changing axial tilt…
Here you go …’s%20axial%20tilt%20angle%2C%20the%20more,melting%20and%20retreat%20of%20glaciers%20and%20ice%20sheets).

Happy reading

Just to keep the record straight China’s number one while the US is number 2 in pollution:

  1. China: 10.3m kt
  2. United States: 5.3m kt
  3. India: 2.2m kt
  4. Russia: 1.7m kt
  5. Japan: 1.2m kt

Of course, they have our full support -

more love Michael

Do us all a favor and stop signing your posts with “More Love”…:cowboy_hat_face:


no… :hearts: :kissing_heart: more love michael


Some comments above reminded me that when one comes across a serious road accident, they would assume their ethical responsibility, stop, and check. That accident could have been caused by someone driving while intoxicated, or driving under the influence, or simply driving dangerously. Yet, we do not ask questions or blame anybody. We just try to help, call for help, or at least comfort the injured while waiting for help to arrive. My 2 cents.


Denmark pursues the most climate-friendly energy policy in the world and does most to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - even though we are only number four on the ranking list.

The 10 countries - currently pursuing the most climate-friendly policies:

  1. No country worthy

  2. No country worthy

  3. No country worthy

  4. Denmark

  5. Sweden

  6. Portugal

  7. Switzerland

  8. Germany

  9. Ireland

  10. United Kingdom

(Source: Climate Change Performance Index)

No country does enough to prevent dangerous climate change, therefore the top three places are empty in the rankings.

The list is made with the purpose of creating a comprehensive overview of CO2 emissions. Including renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate-friendly energy policy at global and national level.

The world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases is the United States, and is number 43 on the list, while China, which is the second largest emitter of CO2, is number 53 on the list.

Here it is from 2012 - then you can examine for yourself how much your own country moves

More love Michael

I always help … our country always helps. I have fought for American freedom and am a veteran.

More love Michael/Denmark

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And the number one problem that no one wants to accept or discuss is the overpopulation by 50% or more of what the Earth can reasonably support.


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I find the “ignore” thing useful.

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Let’s burn some amps… That’ll help…
Way too much love, Holland

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Here’s an interesting population counter

Gotta love a blatantly political thread aimed at you know who with a ‘More love’ sign off.
Please. I’ll leave it to Elk to make the call.