Diablo 300 in MultiWave

I have a Gryphon Diablo 300 connected to the P20.
I noticed that in MultiWave the power consumption, the current value and the load % is lower compared to the numbers I see when I use the P20 in SineWave.
You can see the two screens in the pictures.
It seems that the Diablo 300 in MultiWave is more efficient and also it seems to work at a lower temperature.
I wonder why it happens? Is it OK or is there a possibility to damage the amplifier?
I didn’t notice the same behavior when I use my Viola Symphony amplifier.
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Well seen. I did the same observation and did some measurements to figure out what actually happens.

Here is the explanation. It requires some understanding of electronics to understand.

  • Mulitwave “fattens” the sine wave coming from the wall.
  • Voltage out of Powerplant is same in RMS for Sine and Mulitwave.
  • As Multiwave is “fatter” the peak voltage of multiwave will be lower.
  • The peak is largely what drives components, and power supply caps use the peak for charging.
  • So using multiwave will “starve” your equipment of peak voltage and lower the power they consume.
  • Hence you see lower power output with multwave on than on sine wave.

I think this implementation is wrong and go against the idea of multiwave. A more correct way to do it would be to maintain peak when turning on multiwave. I could see people being nervous though wiht voltage RMS which is what is displayed going up. The workaround is to increase output voltage when using multiwave so that you get same peak as for sinewave. This should be around 7% for full multiwave.

More about this here:

Thank you for your answer.
Anyway I wonder why there is no difference between SineWave and MultiWave when I connect the Viola Cadenza and Symphony.
The power , the load % and the current are the same.
I noticed the difference only when I use the Gryphon Diablo 300. Why??
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that’s a bit odd, and unusual behavior of amplifiers. Reason could be that the amplifier is designed to pull a certain amount of power, rather than the amplifier have a certain “resistance” so that lower peak voltage leads to lower power consumption.

I’m making some test but it seems that my Diablo 300 sounds better plugged directly to the wall, instead to the P20.

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If it sounds great without something in between, what else could one wish for?