How does the PP3 compare with a P10 for low power components

I currently have two P10s. I have a large active system with three Directstreams (seniors). Has anyone moved a collection of low power components from a P10 to a PP3 and heard an improvement?. I have no idea how the approximately half the output impedence of the PP3 compared with a P10 would benefit the three Directstreams. Thanks.

That’s a good question and there have been those who have done exactly that with good results. It’s more than just the lower output impedance. There were a number of improvements to the basic circuitry.

Thanks Paul. I’ve just looked at the PP3 manual. I don’t see a way of setting output voltage. Does Kevin set it at 240, or do UK versions come out of the factory at 240v. Currently my P10s are set at 240 (and incoming voltage is 239).

Also is the multiwave option the equivalent of 4 on the P10 scale 9which is variable from 1 through 6).

Thanks, Dan.

Hey Dan!

Just thought I’d jump in and say the units are calibrated from the factory per the country they’re being sent to. Regarding the multiwave, that’s about right, at the 4 setting.

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Yes, the UK version would be set to 240 coming out of the factory. No way to adjust the voltage in the field for the P3.
Yes, with MW on, it’s about strength 4 for our other regenerators. It’s great because I find strength 4 to be the sweet spot for most systems.


Do you find Multiwave to work well across the board or are there some where Sinewave is still preferable?

On Strata I initially liked Multiwave but after a bit it was focused but too closed in; to me Strata and Sine are more musical.

99.999% of the time I like MW on, but there are those systems that seem to not like it as much as sine.
I’ve talked with Darren a bit on this and he says it is absolutely a system dependent thing along with a lot of subjectivity.
MW does wonders for my system and its bass response.