Did I hear some one mention BHK pre mods?

Have been following the DS1 mod thread and have incorporated several with very good results. Wondered if a BHK pre mods thread will start. The mod people here are so sharp I’m sure there is potential to improve an already excellent product.


Not sure if I’m a pioneer here but recently made a “small” modification to my BHK pre. Simple enough to do: remove origninal Rel-Cap coupling capacitors having already identified which end represented lowest impedance to earth as the Rel-Caps have no indication of the outer foil. Then replaced them with a cocktail of 1uF V-Cap OIMP capacitors and a Duelund 0.01uF JDM silver foil bypass capacitors, both orientated to ensure the outer foil(s) were connected to the lowest impedance path to earth. Once fitted, which took about 1.5hrs going methodically with a glass of Islay malt for refreshment I gave the BHK about 100hrs operation with a streamed feed from Roon to run the capacitors in. During that time I heard the usual (expected?) highs n lows of presentation before an easily decernable stability was achieved. The sound of the pre has become so much more detailed and indeed…“juicy”. Not going to launch in superlatives as my opinion has not been challenged by other listeners but the enjoyment factor has gone up significantly. Would love to hear from others who are making steps down this road. Stuart