PS Audio BHK Preamplifier Capacitors

I want to know if anybody replaced or upgraded the Rel Cap capacitors on the BHK preamplifier. Please let me know your experience. I tried Mundorf Silver Gold in Oil, Jupiter Cooper Foil Paper & Max and Vcaps in other componentes with excellent results.
I will apreciate your opinion.

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This may be a good reference:

For myself, I find that as I get older (going to be 60 next year), I am having a harder and harder time hearing differences unless it is REALLY dramatic. Don’t know if it’s the usual gradual loss of hearing as one ages (especially the high frequencies - for example, I used to be able to hear a mosquito from across the room), or maybe my brain is getting more skeptical.

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The only way to know if you’ll like the sound of replacement caps is to try it yourself just like Paul and company did when building and listening. Of course you won’t have the same production cost constraints so have fun!

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Here’s a tidbit that could be the product of an aging, faulty memory. I could have sworn I saw an (early?) pic of the BHK Pre PCB with Mundorfs in the place of the Rel Caps. I might be completely off my rocker, though …

Thank you tak1313 for your answer and recomendation. I also red carefully that capacitors review but unfortunally they didn´t test the Rel-Caps.

Hi owlsalum. As I remember I only saw the BHK preamp with Jantzen caps.

Thank you brett66 for your answer. It´s really difficult to try and compare capacitors. Fortunally it is not the same with tubes. I tried many Amperex, Siemens and Valvo tubes and all are really better than the stock tubes.