Direct connection of Rock Server to Direct Stream Junior Bridge (without internet router)

Ok, firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section. I couldn’t figure out if it needs to be in the DSJ subforum or the Bridge II or whatever.

Also, I hope I haven’t missed this question in another thread.

I am successfully using a Roon Rock NUC as my Roon Server. I have it connected through a CAT5 cable to a wall outlet that leads to the router in my office. Roon recommends using an ethernet connection rather than WIFI as it has a a higher bandwidth,

I have my Direct Stream Junior connected to another ethernet outlet that runs to another port in the same router. This all works fine but I would like to see whether there is a simpler solution whereby I place ethernet / network switch in my room to connect the DSJ and the Roon ROck server to which (hopefully) will allow them to communicate without running through the router. Due to the fact that I am in an office, the internet can get strained (we have rubbish internet in Australia) and if someone is using VOIP and downloading at the same time, the available bandwidth can get gobbled up. It’s also a bit more elegant perhaps.

Does anyone think this might work or am I totally misunderstanding the way that the DSJ and the Server will need to be connected??

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I’m not sure if this will help but I have a kind of similar setup in which my Melco server (non Roon) has an Ethernet connection which I connect directly into my Bridge 2. This enables me to play everything stored on the Melco without having to go via the home network.

However, I have a need to control the Melco from my IPad (via MConnect) and also stream Tidal, so I need to have a connection the home network/internet for that purpose. As I was previously having problems when sharing the home router I took the advice of Melco and installed a separate router which hangs off the main home router. This router is connected to another Ethernet port on the Melco for control purposes. So I connect my IPad to this router via wifi and control the Melco via Mconnect - this means I’m totally isolated from the home network when playing music from the Melco. Clearly, when I stream Tidal, I have to stream via the home network (which has the broadband connection to the internet) and into the new router, but this works fine and, as it isn’t my preferred method of listening I’m not as concerned about SQ, although it still sounds great to my ears.

Apologies if this doesn’t help with your particular circumstances…



Sure, you can get a small 4-port network switch (go for one with a metal case for less RFI interference) and connect your NUC and the DSJ. The only downside is that the Bridge won’t be able to get firmware updates. But that’s not often needed and you can connect to the internet when one is released.

I don’t know about your NUC, but in general one can connect a computer directly to a DAC by using a crossover Ethernet cable – no switch needed.

The switch can be connected to the router (would think it would need to be unless static IP addresses had been assigned and even then in order to connect to your control device) and traffic between the NUC and the DS Jr should just go through the switch. That router would get involved in sending control info from your iDevice/Android device and firmware updates but the music data should go directly. I did this for years until it was pointed out that I could add a second Ethernet port to my Mac Mini server and cut out the switch.

Thanks guys. That gives me some ideas to run with. @mike-marks - no need to worry about calling me by my moniker. That’s a name that I use on a lot of forums. I try my best not to live up to it though. :wink:

Hello, I use a direct connection between my ‘ROCK box’ (a small computer similar to a NUC) and the Bridge II beside another connection from the ROCK computer to the router (with help of an USB-Ethernet adapter). Please have a look at this thread ROCK Dual Ethernet

Or maybe better from here: Danny’s comment